The Amazing Cristmas

It was still dark outside I could still hear some crickets chirping.When I ran to go see if all the presents were wrapped and were under the tree.Then I could see them.

Finally it was time to open the gifts.I was so excited to open them.The best gift I got was Disney Infinity,but we had to return the game because it was for the wrong game system.I slowly gave it to my mom so she could return it.

What I learned from that was not all the time you can get what you want.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

He was born in Spring-wood ,Hyde Park,New York.

His father was only 53 years old.

He was the 32nd president.

Father James Roosevelt.

Franklin D.Roosevelt.

Mother Sara Roosevelt.

His family lived in Spring-wood .

His mother was only 27 years old.

Franklin and Eleanor got married on March 17,1905.


Once Christmas came I got so excited because I got a Xbox 1,Skylanders  Swap Force,Disney Infinity,the new Lego  Marval Super Heroes,and a new bike.I was on my bike all day,then I played the Lego game I have a 17.2 % done with it.I also got a marval poster.It’s very realistic and has heroes and villains .On my birthday me and Cameron went to Air U.They have a gigantic foam pit and a trampoline dodge ball court.

December 7,1941

President Roosevelt called the day the start of  world war 11.

Even 2.1 submarines.

Are killed 2,402.

Reilly died.

Less than 2 battleships sunk.

Has 8 battleships.

Air crafts destroyed \damaged more than 200.

Rivers filled with air crafts.

Battleships sunk\damaged7.

Over 3 EX-battleships.

Rivers filled with battleships.


John Rolfe harvested a crop of tobacco.

After the 1st year 82 of 120 people died.

Many people believed there was gold in North America.

English king James the 1st


The leader of this new colony was named John Smith.

Own once they fulfilled their contract.

Was the first permanent English colony in North America.

Named it after the English king James the 1st.

I would like to have lived in JAMESTOWN.Because I would like to be a BLACKSMITH!!!

My Veteran

My grandfather was in the army.He still has his whistle this is how  you would use it like this when you looked at some one that was doing something wrong.You would blow the whistle then point at them.When he passes away I get the whistle but I don’t want that to happen so I have  mixed fillings about getting the whistle.

Henry Hudson

June 1611

Explorer Gazette

By the 1600’s Europeans had found southern route to the Indies. I think that Henry Hudson froze to death and the boat that his crew left him,his family,and 7 crewmen sank and drown.That’s why I think Henry Hudson was seen again.